Big Data Travel App

The Luxoft Big Data team wanted to showcase their data science expertise through a new experience that would provide contextual and predictive travel recommendations to users and premium quality user data to service providers.

I created the visual design and navigation flow for the user side-- an application for iPhone.


How can we use the power of big data to improve the travel experience? The market is already saturated with apps like Hipmunk, Kayak, and Expedia. What niche is there left to fill?


The answer lies in the quality of the data. Smartphones provide the user's GPS location, which is a cornerstone of any contextual recommendation service. With GPS data, data from other users who have been in similar situations, and data from a user-generated profile, we were positioned to create a tailor-made recommendation service unlike any currently on the market.

The experience was divided into three main use cases: profile generation, which the user did on initial login, itinerary generation, which the user would need to do per trip, and viewing their journey step-by-step, which was the contextual component and the primary use case.

For the visual design, I created a moodboard from stock imagery and created a color scheme that I felt would embrace the travelling spirit. I chose to do a card-based, swipe-left, swipe-right, UI style for profile generation so that the user could establish an emotional connection with their decisions-- I wanted it to feel fun.

I also created a mostly interactive prototype using Axure RP for this experience. You can check it out here. You may need to install the Axure RP extension for your browser. The experience works best on iPhone.

More screens

Here are some more examples from the project.