Office 365 Quiz

Microsoft Ignite is an annual convention that showcases the bright minds behind Microsoft’s ideas.

I designed a quiz application for their showfloor that would put attendees’ Office 365 knowledge to the test.


The client wanted users to engage with Office 365 technology in a way that both stimulates interest in the product and instructs the user about Office 365 features.

I had to find a way to make Office 365 seem fun, exciting, and new. The quiz would display on Surface Pro 4 devices and a 55’’ touch screen display.


Microsoft has a fairly established visual style guide. Using this, and some of the animated characters I found within, I was able to make a more human, relatable experience.

After each question was a product detail page and a short video showing how to access the described functionality. The product videos were produced externally.

These characters were present throughout the experience. When choosing an answer to a quiz question, the user would choose the character they agree with most.

Based on their performance, the user would qualify as a Novice, IT Pro, Leader, or Guru. Their performance allowed them to get different Microsoft swag at the convention.

More Screens

Here are some more examples from the project.